At Turnkey, we love working with different people. We also love different people working with different people! To us, music evolves with the meeting of minds and we absolutely enjoy coming up with some crazy ideas for artistes to take forward.

It’s all done with a view to commercial success so it’s ideas that are put together with due thought (patience is a key ingredient in our mix), reality checks are brought in every now and again and of course, the vibe between collaborators kept at a premium.

While we do suffer from the misconception that we have great ideas, we’d love to listen to some of yours as well. If you think you want to do something crazy that we can help with, we’d be happy to discuss it with you and if we get as passionate about it as you are, we’ll try and put it together for you. The idea is to help create good music that will stand the test of time. And make some money for everyone too!