Release Management

While the digital medium has made it easy for an artiste to record and upload music onto the internet, there is a lot more that goes into getting a song or album noticed, breaking through as an artiste or having a long term career strategy.

At Turnkey, we take your music and career very seriously.

So whether you are an Indian act or one from outside the country, we can help you with whatever it is that you want to achieve.

From sitting in on A&R, helping with production of the album, creating a profile for the artiste, devising a marketing and social media strategy, putting the music out on the internet globally and on the mobile phone in India (remember the ubiquitous ring back tone?), getting videos done, registering the music with the Registrar of Copyrights in India, organizing PR for the releases, getting the music played on available radio and television stations, offering legal advice on contracts and managing the music publishing, Turnkey is a one stop solution for you.

All the services mentioned take up your time and require micro management. We think you’d be better off creating more songs and going out and playing gigs, leaving the heavy lifting to us!

The important thing is that the copyright remains yours while we provide the services you’d customarily get from a music label.